Sunday, June 21, 2009

Manyak penat

Tonight, my feeling not well as usually. I felt tired, bored, and lonely. The temperature inside this room approx 30 Celcius. All my friends already stop sending sms or anything else. Maybe they fall asleep. One of my friend, Chinese guy known as ..sapa nama dia ek?hehe.forgot already. He oledi reached in Kuching. How nice right? Poor me, don’t have a chance go back to my hometown because i got a lot of work here and doing my Internship at SMK.Sungai Nibong, Penang. Now, i am thinking about my report. Still incomplete then, gotta go now. Sleppy oledi. Aiyaaaaa..manyak ngntok! Good Nitez.


l!l_sh!3zuka said...

wish u best Of luck!!
xpe la,nnt da abes keje
bOley la balik kucing,hee

jgn malas wat repOrt 2 cekgu!

Mr.Roselane said...

hahaha..yeah.i will.hope so.