Tuesday, October 27, 2009

main bola

Being superman isn’t easy. I’ve been through dying moments and nightmare none could ever thoughts of. yeah,many times.lucky.i am the strong person in the world i tot.hehe.i must strong facing everyting around me.Today noting much to do. petang2 main bola..yeah..kick the ball up! feel great anyway,having fun with my friends. USM is great place anyway..i proud to be here.i got many of friends here.girl,boy either pondan's.hahaha.they are great friend i have although for a sometimes they oso became bad friends. Life is often unspectd. so be carefull. they are many kind of them.good friend,bad friends,fat,skinny,violent and so on.who's know. i keep on this line " sahabat sejati adalah orang yg berkata benar denganmu, bukannya org yg membenarkan kata-katamu"