Sunday, April 12, 2009


Bismillah, the kalimah that we use to be unconciously verbalize before we do anything.. with His Rahman and Rahim..simple..coz only with love and tender full hearted, we will feel happy in doing whatever we do..

I tot no ned to introduce myself longer..
exam around the corner & close..
April 17 is my first paper ( Geomorphology & Hydrology )
what i have done today?
just finished my read (The Asian Storm by Philippe Rie's)
all about the economic crisis breakout in Asian on 1997 and
also have critique the several of principle economic under IMF. ( Mahathir vs Soros )
Anyway, my point is back and was here. Alright then, let the finger dance on.TQ


MiEmI..sTaR$HiNe.. said...

welcme bacK..

epi2 days..